Mark Dicken

SAP / ERP Data Migration Consultant & Team Lead (Data Team)

Mark Dicken - SAP / ERP Data Migration Consultant - Available Now (10 June 2023)

  • Full Name: Mark Dicken
  • Mobile: +44(0)7786530377
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Skills Summary

Specialising in Legacy to New System / ERP / SAP Data Migration Projects, works within the 'Data Team', Data Transformation & ETL. Legacy ERP Data Extraction, Transformation, Harmonisation, Validation, Loading, Reconciliation / Cleansing, also GxP PHARMA. ERP Data Migration Consultant for last 18+ Years with SAP and other ERP Systems Strong SQL, C#,MS SSIS (ETL), Visual Studio , VBA, Excel & Pre /Post Validation Skills.

29+ ERP / SAP Data Migration Projects, 6 PHARMA Projects and 1 ERP DR Project, MDM/MDG Legacy to ERP (New System) Data Migration & Consultancy with PHARMA GxP Skills Experienced Senior Data Migration Consultant. Worked in 20+ Countries. MS Azure & AWS ERP Data Cleansing, Pro-Active Data Validation, Data Object Project Planning & Definition Data Uploading, Successful ERP Data Migration Bidder delivered in front of ERP Vendor Reconciliation, MS SQL Server 7.0 to 2019, Access 1.0 to 2016, SAP Data Services, BODS.

  • Data Migration

  • Data Transformation & ETL

  • Legacy ERP Data Extraction

  • SAP


  • SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • IFS

  • Jira

  • MuleSoft

  • SAP Data Services

  • Oracle Net Suit

  • Project Management

  • Microsoft Project

  • Trello

Worked for (Summary)

Available Now

10 June 2023

Bridgestone - SAP Data Migration & Ariba Supplier Enablement Consultant - Brussels, Belgium

August 2019 - April 2020

Providing Data Migration activities to Migrate from Legacy SAP ECC to SAP Ariba. Data Collection, Data Validation, Data Cleansing/Harmonisation and Reporting. After the initial Pilot Go-Live providing SAP Supplier Enablement (on-boarding) Support. Assisting with Excel/VBA and MS Access/VBA to assist in Automation of email mail merging excel Vendor Master Data Forms to Vendors to update and collect required data needed by SAP Ariba. Assisting with matching data to SAP Ariba Flight Plan. Studying SAP ARIBA Supplier Management Certification and exam soon.

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

Riwal - Oracle Netsuite Data Migration Lead / Developer - Netherlands

May 2019 - August 2019

Data Migration activities for a renting / leasing company who operates in 18 countries. Legacy Systems included off the shelf software + bespoke + Sage and migrating to Oracle Netsuite 2019.1 brought in to assist with data mappings for AUE and gave late in the day help for Spain Go-Live.

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

Vianet - ETL Data Migration & SSIS / SSRS Developer (SQL / ETL / Reporting) - UK

Feb 2019 - May 2019

Helping a company to put in place the Data Migration automated scripts to move across 80 existing customers to a new data collection platform collecting Internet of Things (IoT) data collecting over 1 Petabytes of Data per year based on Millions of Pints and Alcohol Drinks sold on a Daily basis covering multiple countries.

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

NHS - Welsh NHS, SSIS Developer (SQL / ETL / Reporting) - Wales, UK

Jan 2019 - Feb 2019

SSIS / ETL / SQL Developer. Importing and collecting data from CSV file formats then providing reports and statistics. Normalising data for reporting purposes.

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

Applegreen - ERP Data Migration Project Manager, (SAP S/4HANA RETAIL) - Dublin, Ireland

Oct 2019 - Jan 2019

Brought on board to help with Data Migration during SIT (System Integration Testing) whilst they were replacing their chosen Systems Integrator. Daily Data Migration Project Management and Reporting for 41 SAP Retail Data Objects. Provided Validation Before Loading and Reconciliation After Loading to help with Validation/Signoff. Produced a daily plan on a page for the 27 SAP Consultants and produced an automated daily MS Project to Excel (RAG) Report using C# / VBA.

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

JLL - Data Migration Senior Consultant (Peoplesoft) - Warsaw, Poland

August 2018 - Oct 2018

Here I was hired to assist with Validation Before Loading and Reconciliation After Loading for half a dozen PeopleSoft Financial Data Objects. Providing Record Counts and Balance Checks with Details/Checks/Errors. SQL, Excel, PeopleSoft Data.

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

BMA - BMA/BMJ, MS NAV 2018 ERP Financials Data Mig - London, UK

Feb 2018 - August 2018

Brought on board by the CIO to assist them in Data Migration activities. I Extracted Legacy Data, Collected Data Mapping Rules and created repeatable Data Transformation Rules to provide the in-scope Data Objects in the correct format for uploading via Webservices or RapidStart format. MS SQL Server, SSIS, Data Reconciliation & Red/Green Reporting/Validation. MS Visual Studio.

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

Warwick University - Success Factors HR Data Mig - Warwick, UK

Aug 2017 - Feb 2018

Brought on board by the SAP Success Factors Project Manager to complete unfinished work by the current data team. Collected Source Data and created/performed ETL Rules for Uploading and Testing. Because the system architecture was 50% on premise and 50% off premise in the cloud this caused challenges with data replication issues which we had to deal with (data pain).

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

TCS SAP Consultancy & Axalta Paints Company - ERP/SAP ETL Developer - Wuppertal, Germany

Mar 2017 - July 2017

Assisted within a Switzerland and Germany Mergers & Acquisition Project, here I was asked to create a soft coded Rules Based ETL Tool to perform Extraction, Profiling, Transformation, Validation Before Loading, Validation / Reconciliation After Loading. Approx. one dozen Data Objects. Very much a Data Migration Consultancy Role with plenty of hands on Programming / Developing. Used C#, Visual Studio, MS SQL Server / SSMS & .NET. Provided Red-Green Reporting. Data Objects: Master & Transactional Data, Visual Studio / C# / MS SQL / ETL / .NET.

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

ERP Consultancy & COSTA Coffee (UK No 1 Coffee Company) - ERP Data Migration Consultant & Data Lead - UK

Mar 2016 - Mar 2017

Data Lead for COSTA Coffee (the UK number one coffee company) to migrate customers to a new Customer Loyalty System (Loyalty accounts for 55% of all transactions and revenue)

Data Objects: Master & Reference Data … and 1500+ Purchase Transactions per Minute

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

KPMG & Celesio (Pharma/Retail), ERP/SAP Global Data Lead - Stuttgart, Germany

Nov 2015 - Mar 2016

For KPMG (SAP systems integrators) working on a global template design and rollout I created the ERP Data Migration Strategy and Approach. Identified around 100 In-Scope Data Objects.

Data Objects: Master Data, Transactional Data, Historic Data, SAP Data Services / BODS

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

Staples - SAP Data Services (BODS) Data Migration. Cons - Stuttgart, Germany

Sept 2015 - Nov 2015

Extracted 2.2 million legacy AS400 customers and uploaded 348,000 ‘good’ customers to SAP. Performed Data Harmonisation between five Legacy & Reporting Systems. Red/Green Reporting.

Data Objects: Customer Master Data (From 2.2 million to 348K)

Skills Used: Skill1, Skill2, Skill 3

2010 - 2015 - Various Contracts / Projects - ERP & SAP Data Migration Projects

Consultancies: IBM, UK Small Consultancy, ATOS, Capgemini, Small French Consultancy

End Clients: Yara, Statoil (Oil Industry), CARGILL, MYLAN

Countries: Norway, Ireland, India, Kuala Lumpur, Switzerland, UK, Belgium

Job Titles: Data Migration Team Lead & Consultant, ERP Data Migration & Validation Consultant, Data Migration & Data Governance Consultant, Data Migration & Data Workstream Lead

2001 to 2010 - Various Contracts / Projects - ERP & SAP Data Migration Projects

Consultancies: Deloitte, SAP Belgium, Capgemini, BOA, HCL-Axon, CSI, ATOS-Origin ‘Middle East' (Saudi Arabia)

End Clients: Sulzer, Nielsen, Smith & Nephew (PHARMA)Heineken, Thames Water, ECOLAB, CORUS, Maersk, OCS, Nestlé, Total, TFL, SABIC

Countries: UK, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, (SAP) Belgium, Germany, Netherlands

Job Titles: SAP Data Migration (DM) UK Team Lead, DM Cutover & Project Manager, DM & Validation Consultant, Data Migration Consultant, DM Workstream Lead, DM Team Lead, DM & Validation Consultant, Data Migration Consultant, Junior SAP Data Migration Consultant, Data Migration Training Candidate

1989 - 2001 - Helpdesk to Server Support + MS Access & SQL / Data

Previous Contracts/Companies: BT, Argos, Caledonian Life, BANCO Santander, Deutsche Bank, BP, Network Rail, BMW, Macquarie Bank, UBS, Burton Group, HMIP, OFCOM, ICAEW, Unipart Group, Dairy Crest Group

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