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Specialising in Legacy to SAP Data Migration Projects, works within the ‘SAP Data Team’

SAP Data Migration Team Lead / Consultant (SAP Data Team)

SAP Data Extraction, Transformation, Harmonisation, Validation, Loading, Reconciliation / Cleansing, & PHARMA GxP

Key Skills

  • SAP Data Migration for the last 16+ Years SAP Skills (out of 27+ years I.T. Experience)
  • 28+ SAP Data Migration Projects, 6 PHARMA Projects and 1 SAP DR Project
  • Legacy to SAP / ERP (New System) Data Migration & Consultancy, GxP Validation
  • Experienced Senior SAP Data Migration Consultant. Worked in 19+ Countries, Mapping
  • SAP/ERP Data Cleansing, Pro-Active Data Validation, Data Object Planning, Definition
  • SAP Data Uploading, SAP Data Migration, Successful SAP Data Migration Bidder
  • Reconciliation, MS SSIS, MS SQL Server 7.0 to 2016, MS Access Version 1.0 to 2016

Worked for (Summary)

  • Large SAP Cons. & Chemicals Company, SAP ETL Data Migration Lead Developer, Germany
  • ERP Consultancy & UK No 1 Coffee Company (COSTA) – Loyalty Data Migration Lead, UK
  • SAP Consultancy KPMG & Celesio (Retail PHARMA) SAP Global Data Lead, Germany
  • SAP Client Staples (Retail) - SAP Data Services Data Migration Consultant, Amsterdam, Europe
  • SAP Consultancy IBM - SAP Data Migration & Data Architect Stream Lead, Norway
  • SAP Client Amey (via Small SAP Consultancy) - SAP Data Migration/Validation, UK
  • SAP Consultancy Afore and Statoil F&R - SAP Data Migration/Validation, Norway
  • SAP Client Cargill - SAP Data Migration & Data Validation, Ireland, India, Malaysia
  • SAP Client Reckitt Benkiser (PHARMA) - SAP Data Migration & Governance, UK
  • SAP Client UCB (PHARMA) - SAP Data Migration Cons, Ireland & Germany & Belgium
  • SAP Client Crucell (PHARMA) - SAP Data Migration / Validation Cons. Switzerland
  • Sodexo, Kerensen & Mylan (PHARMA), CSI & Sulzer, Nielsen, Smith & Nephew (PHARMA)
  • Heineken, Thames Water, Capgemini & CORUS, BOA & Ecolab, Davis Langdon
  • SAP Belgium & Fortis Leasing, Maersk, OCS, Nestlé, Total, Deloitte, HCL-Axon,
  • TFL, Atos-Origin ‘Middle East', SABIC

Worked for (Detailed)

  • Large SAP Consultancy & Chemicals Company Mar 2017 to July 2017 ETL Developer

    Consulting to the Largest IT Consulting Firm for a USA based company I am assisting a Mergers & Acquisition of a Switzerland company they previously sold 10 years ago. Approx. one dozen Data Objects are In-Scope and I have been tasked to create a soft coded Rules Based ETL Tool to perform Extraction, Profiling, Transformation, Validation Before Loading, (loading is done with LSMW), and Validation / Reconciliation After Loading. Using MS SQL Server / SSMS & .NET using Visual Studio. Very much a Data Migration Consultancy Role with plenty of hands on Programming / Developing. Reporting to Germany IT M&A Lead and working with local Data MDM / MDG Lead providing Data Migration Consultancy Services to the USA Client & Consultancy M&A Leads. Advised on SAP Data Migration Strategy and Approach. Data Harmonisation and providing Red / Green Reports as needed. Promoting Best SAP DM Practices. Ad-hoc statistics as needed.
  • ERP Consultancy & UK No 1 Coffee Company (COSTA) Mar 2016 to Mar 2017 Data Lead

    Consulting to an ERP transformation consultancy I was tasked to be the Data Lead for COSTA Coffee (the UK number one coffee company – above Starbucks) and performed phase one of a project to migrate customers to a new Loyalty System where loyalty accounts for around 55% of all transactions and revenue. I extracted 6+ million cards / customers, 500+ million header purchase transactions from their legacy systems and performed ETL data migration activities for in-scope phase one customers. Phase one go-live was planned and successfully delivered before end of 2016. Very much an agile project I reported the Programme Manager, Solution Architect, the consultancy director and new CTO. Provided weekly and ad-hoc statistics as requested.
  • SAP Cons. KPMG & Crucell (Pharma/Retail) - Nov 2015 to Mar 2016 SAP Global Data Lead

    I was recruited and joined KPMG (SAP systems integrators) after being interviewed by one of their directors to work on a global template design and rollout for a major PHARMA wholesale and retail company which operates in 14 countries and has a reported turnover of €22 Billion with over 38,000 employees. I was the data stream lead for the global template build template team I was tasked to produce the SAP Data Migration Strategy and Approach Document and many other data migration template documents to be used for the local country data leads. Identified around 100 In-Scope Data Objects including Master Data and Transactional Data.
  • SAP Client Staples - Sept 2015 to Nov 2015 SAP Data Services Data Migration Cons

    I was recruited to assist Staples (the second largest internet online retailer after Amazon.com) to perform the Data Migration activities for their Customer Data Objects. Out of 2.2 Million Legacy System Customers we finally agreed the rules to bring across 348,000 active customers to their new SAP / ERP Platform. Additionally, I was tasked to perform Data Harmonisation between five Legacy & Reporting Systems. Working with their Systems Integration (Accenture) I collected the Legacy Bespoke IBM AS/400 data and successfully uploaded via LSMW uploading method and provided proper reconciliation after loading.
  • IBM – Jan 2015 to Sep 2015 SAP Data Migration & Data Architect

    I consulted and joined IBM at the beginning of Blueprint Phase (straight after the Mobilisation Phase) for a Norwegian company called Yara, who has a reported turnover of £7.7 Billion and employs over 10,000 employees. I reported directly to the IBM Project Manager (also IBM Director) and worked closely with the Yara Supply Chain Project Manager, IBM Solution Architects and the SAP Programme Director. I also worked closely with the Deloitte Auditors and their SAP ASAP8 Project Governance Team. I was tasked to produce two Blueprint documents :- • SAP Data Migration Strategy and Approach Document • SAP Master Data and Design Document Aligning Data Teams Blueprint Documents with Testing and Training Project Workstreams. I identified 90+ In-Scope Data Objects including Master Data and Transactional Data. I provided accurate statistics, facts & figures for the Project Weekly Status Update Meetings. Advising on Red / Green Reporting, Validation before Loading, Reconciliation and Passive Data Governance / Data Cleansing. Also, I assisted in interviewing and hiring Yara’s Data Migration Team Lead
  • AMEY – Jan 2014 to Dec 2014 SAP Data Migration & Validation Cons.

    Working for Amey (via a small SAP Consultancy) I assisted in the on-boarding to SAP from a new Business Acquisition of a company called Enterprise who had a reported turnover of £1.1 Billion. I reported to the Data Team Lead and work closely with their chosen Systems Integrator (ATOS). I initially joined to assist in Data Extraction from Legacy Systems but I ended up assisting with Data Transformation and Data Enrichment for over two dozen Data Objects covering Master Data and Transactional Data. I reported accurate statistics, facts & figures both internally and to the Business for Data Correction of Data Cleansing Issues. SQL & Access to Excel Reporting and plenty of usual Red / Green Reporting.


SAP Data Services: July 2017 (1 to 1 Training)

SAP Data Services (ETL) (Training Candidate)
SAP Data Services

Informatica: July 2017 (1 to 1 Training)

Informatica (ETL) (Training Candidate)
Informatica Training. 1 to 1 Training

Microsoft SSIS (ETL): July 2017 (1 to 1 Training)

Microsoft SSIS (ETL) (Training Candidate)
Microsoft SSIS (ETL). 1 to 1 Training with Microsoft Gold Partner

Previous Contracts: (1989 to 2001)

BT, Argos, Caledonian Life, BANCO Santander, Deutche Bank, BP, Network Rail, BMW, Macquarie Bank, UBS, Burton Group,, HMIP, OFTEL, ICAEW, Unipart, Dairy Crest. Education: Bicester Community College


Mark Dicken (SAP Data Migration Consultant)
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